Trader Interviews

Trader interview with Natt 🇦🇺

Interview with Trader up 66% on his Account 

Trader interview with Enrico 🇮🇹

Interview with Enrico who moved from Italy to Trade

Trader interview with Natasha 🇬🇧

Interview with Natasha who is all the way from Manchester

Trader interview with Luca 🇦🇺

Interview with Luca who is only 19 and used FX profits to purchase his first Motorbike

Trader interview with Aaron 🇺🇸

Interview with Aaron who recently made his first Withdrawal

Trader interview with Jack 🇬🇧

Interview with Jack who has progressed to now be a member of the Astro Team

Trader interview with Dan 🇬🇧

Interview with Dan who has progressed to now be a member of the Astro Team

Trader interview with Hamdan 🇲🇾

 Interview with Hamdan who is a Former business owner now full time trader

Trader interview with Charlie 🇬🇧

Interview with Charlie who is up 16% on his account

Trader interview with Judith 🇬🇧

Interview with Judith who manages to be a full time mom and trader at the same time!

Trader interview with Isaac Adams 🇨🇦

Interview with Isaac who used profits from the markets to purchase himself a brand new Dodge Truck

Trader interview with Max 🇮🇪

Interview with Max from Ireland who is up 16% on his Account

Trader interview with Eduardo 🇺🇸

Interview with Eduardo who has over 4 years experience in the Markets

Trader interview with Parth 🇮🇳

Trader interview with Parth from India who is up over 20% on his account

Trader interview with Harrison 🇬🇧

Trader interview with Harrison who is up just over 9% on his account

Trader interview with Mason 🇬🇧

Interview with Mason who managed to stay profitable the whole 2021 without a losing month

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What our Traders Say

"I have known about Astrofx for many years and followed the movement through YouTube and the instagrams of Shaun and Natt. After seeing them do what they do, me and my wife attended an open day at Mayfair office and got speaking to Amish who looked after us so much. He helped us book on the course, secure dates and introduce us to many other team members. "

Amrit & Satinder

Trader, UK

""I took the AstroFX 1-1 course 3 weeks ago and in 3 simple words, it changed my life. I was battling with the markets for 4 years prior to attending, and I had enough. I then decided to make the investment in myself and contacted the Astro Team."


Trader, UK

"Took the Online course recently and must say I am impressed with the package! Very high end and felt like Christmas when my course arrived. I had been trying to learn for a few years now and having done this course for a few weeks now, my trading has improved soo much! Really impressed Astro Team, keep it up!"

Aaron McKenzie

Trader, UK