Chapter 1: Introduction and Forex Principles

With a detailed breakdown into both Natt & Shaun’s journey as well as their personal trading styles for an introduction to the course. Followed by 10 easy to digest videos breaking down the FX market as well as the principles one needs to know when beginning their trading career. 

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Chapter 2: Charting Foundations

Within this Chapter, Shaun breaks down the steps to his strategy as well as an introduction to psychological levels and how to use them when pinpointing entries with the markets and much more. 

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Chapter 3: Intermediate Chart Tracking

Now that the student has understood the basics, it’s time to take the training wheels off and digest some of our strategies which have been marked out on currency pairs such as XAUUSD, USDCAD and GBPAUD. 

Chapter 4: Psychology and Market Lessons

Within this chapter you get a real feel for the lessons and hurdles within the markets as well as what it truly takes to become a trader within the markets. Shaun breaks down challenges faced within his own journey as well as valid lessons still relevant till this day. 

Chapter 5: Advanced Astro Pro

Within the Advanced section you will get access to an intra-day strategy which can be utilized across all sessions with 21 thorough videos breaking down all you need to know from the higher time frames all the way down to the execution timeframes. 

Aman Natt


“I have always been the swing trader and a part of my Strategy is to hold trades for longer term targets which align with my Fundamental Analysis. I started AstroFX with a vision to be the community I wish existed when I started trading.”

Shaun Lee


“I am more of an active trader and trade between different sessions and fairly active in the markets making use of more of an intra-day approach. When I started AstroFX with Natt, my vision was and still is creating a global network of traders trading all together.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your course cover intraday or swing trading strategies?

With Shaun and Natt having two different trading styles the course has been structured around trading both intra-day and also swing to allow you to choose what best suits your style and needs.

Will I become profitable once I take your course?

The way we have designed and structured the course gives you the knowledge and the steps to implement within the market and the true test of profitability comes from one’s discipline to execute the trading plan efficiently and correctly. 

Is the course only valid for the current market conditions or does it teach me to adapt as the markets change?

Good news is, Natt has recently created a fundamental course which gives you the tools to implement on a daily basis to align Macro Economics with your Technical analysis to give you that extra edge.

How long do I have access to the course for?

We understand everyone may learn at their own pace so we have decided to give life time access to our material putting you in no rush to learn and also to emphasize the point of taking your time with your trading career. 

What is the best strategy throughout the whole course which i can use in my trading?

The advanced section right towards the end of the course is where you will truly grasp which method suits your style of trading more. 

Do you show how to get entries as its something i struggle with?

Yes, within the course there is a variety of methods one can use across multiple timeframes to get entries within the markets. 

What Our Traders Say

Trader interview with Isaac Adams 🇨🇦

Interview with Isaac who used profits from the markets to purchase himself a brand new Dodge Truck

Trader interview with Parth 🇮🇳

Trader interview with Parth from India who is up over 20% on his account

Trader interview with Natasha 🇬🇧

Interview with Natasha who is all the way from Manchester

“I have known about Astrofx for many years and followed the movement through YouTube and the instagrams of Shaun and Natt. After seeing them do what they do, me and my wife attended an open day at Mayfair office and got speaking to Amish who looked after us so much. He helped us book on the course, secure dates and introduce us to many other team members. “

Amrit & Satinder

Trader, UK

“I took the AstroFX 1-1 course 3 weeks ago and in 3 simple words, it changed my life. I was battling with the markets for 4 years prior to attending, and I had enough. I then decided to make the investment in myself and contacted the Astro Team.”


Trader, UK

“Took the Online course recently and must say I am impressed with the package! Very high end and felt like Christmas when my course arrived. I had been trying to learn for a few years now and having done this course for a few weeks now, my trading has improved soo much! Really impressed Astro Team, keep it up!”

Aaron McKenzie

Trader, UK