Join Limitless & Learn with AstroFX

Trade with £25,000

Unlimited Account Resets

Keep 70% of the Profits

Trade up to £200,000

Do I get a £25 000 account as soon as I sign up or is there a challenge I need to pass?

You receive the £25 000 account as you sign up with the added extra of NO challenges or hurdles to overcome. 

What if I fail my limitless trader, What happens?

You can’t fail the limitless trader. We have designed it to give you the best opportunity to succeed. If you go into drawdown, Dont worry, at the end of every month we’ll reset your account and allow you to have another go, while giving you 70% of the profits made on the account

What happens if I hit 10% on my account?

If you achieve 10% growth on your account you are above the hurdle rate and are then eligible for a payout as well as your monthly fee is then covered by us. 

Do I really get 70% of the profits made on the account or is there a catch?

Once you surpass your 10% hurdle rate, anything above that is 70% yours which you then will be eligible for a payout. 

How do I grow my account to £200 000?

Your account with us will double in size every 20% made on the account. For eg). On the starting balance of £25 000, once 20% is achieved, you will receive a £50 000 account where your hurdle rate will restart and then be repeated.

What happens if I blow my account?

With the limitless trader program we offer you free monthly resets, so we understand, in trading, things can happen and that’s okay, we’re here for our traders.

What our Traders Say

Trader interview with Isaac Adams 🇨🇦

Interview with Isaac who used profits from the markets to purchase himself a brand new Dodge Truck

Trader interview with Parth 🇮🇳

Trader interview with Parth from India who is up over 20% on his account

Trader interview with Natasha 🇬🇧

Interview with Natasha who is all the way from Manchester

“I have known about Astrofx for many years and followed the movement through YouTube and the instagrams of Shaun and Natt. After seeing them do what they do, me and my wife attended an open day at Mayfair office and got speaking to Amish who looked after us so much. He helped us book on the course, secure dates and introduce us to many other team members. “

Amrit & Satinder

Trader, UK

“I took the AstroFX 1-1 course 3 weeks ago and in 3 simple words, it changed my life. I was battling with the markets for 4 years prior to attending, and I had enough. I then decided to make the investment in myself and contacted the Astro Team.”


Trader, UK

“Took the Online course recently and must say I am impressed with the package! Very high end and felt like Christmas when my course arrived. I had been trying to learn for a few years now and having done this course for a few weeks now, my trading has improved soo much! Really impressed Astro Team, keep it up!”

Aaron McKenzie

Trader, UK