Video 1: Technicals vs Fundamentals

Natt dives into what he has experienced over the years of how important fundamentals is when you incorporate them into your daily trading routine.

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Video 2: Natt's personal Fundamental Strategy

In this video Natt dives into his approach when looking at the markets every morning as well as his daily checklist before even entering a trade in the markets.

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Video 3: How an economy works

In this video Natt breaks down the basic components of an economy and how important each driving factor is in our day to day trading when choosing a bias on a currency pair.

Video 4: Differences between Hard and Soft Data

Natt dives into the differences between Hard and Soft Data and also how one can trade the data that is released.

Video 5: Central Banks and How to trade them

In this video Natt Identifies the key factors around how central banks operate as well as how one can trade the central bank meetings with the influence each bank has over the global economy.

Videos 6 - 16: Broad Macro Economic Insights

Throughout the course Natt goes through everything you will need to know to start incorporating a Macro approach when trading the markets. Making fundamentals easy to understand and an extra tool to add to your technical analysis.

Aman Natt


“I have always been the swing trader and a part of my Strategy is to hold trades for longer term targets which align with my Fundamental Analysis. I started AstroFX with a vision to be the community I wish existed when I started trading.”

“Most Traders who purchase the fundamental course choose to get our daily Market updates via our Astronomics Plan”

Frequently Asked Questions

My technical skills are good but I need help understanding the fundamentals?

Good news is, Natt has recently created a fundamental course which gives you the tools to implement on a daily basis to align Macro Economics with your Technical analysis to give you that extra edge.

Will I become profitable once I take your course?

The way we have designed and structured the course gives you the knowledge and the steps to implement within the market and the true test of profitability comes from one’s discipline to execute the trading plan efficiently and correctly. 

I don't understand much about economics, will i be able to understand this course and use it in my trading?

Great question, Yes, this was designed for any trader at any level of experience to understand the basics of an economy but also how to use this material on a daily basis in our lives and when actively trading in the markets. 

How long do I have access to the course for?

We understand everyone may learn at their own pace so we have decided to give life time access to our material putting you in no rush to learn and also to emphasize the point of taking your time with your trading career. 

Do I need to be staring at news sites all day or is there a simpler way?

Good thing is we have the Discord community which will help you with that as well as bring you live market updates. However in the course Natt breaks it down very simply for you to understand what is required from you for just 30 min every morning as a part of your trading routine. 

Will you help me stay on top of my fundamental analysis when i take this course?

Good news is we have our discord community which the perfect place for you to get the information needed every day as well as a group of like minded traders. 

What Our Traders Say

Trader interview with Isaac Adams 🇨🇦

Interview with Isaac who used profits from the markets to purchase himself a brand new Dodge Truck

Trader interview with Parth 🇮🇳

Trader interview with Parth from India who is up over 20% on his account

Trader interview with Natasha 🇬🇧

Interview with Natasha who is all the way from Manchester

“I have known about Astrofx for many years and followed the movement through YouTube and the instagrams of Shaun and Natt. After seeing them do what they do, me and my wife attended an open day at Mayfair office and got speaking to Amish who looked after us so much. He helped us book on the course, secure dates and introduce us to many other team members. “

Amrit & Satinder

Trader, UK

“I took the AstroFX 1-1 course 3 weeks ago and in 3 simple words, it changed my life. I was battling with the markets for 4 years prior to attending, and I had enough. I then decided to make the investment in myself and contacted the Astro Team.”


Trader, UK

“Took the Online course recently and must say I am impressed with the package! Very high end and felt like Christmas when my course arrived. I had been trying to learn for a few years now and having done this course for a few weeks now, my trading has improved soo much! Really impressed Astro Team, keep it up!”

Aaron McKenzie

Trader, UK