Virtual Trading Floor Sessions

Natt and the team will cover covers  what has happened over night during the asian session as well as what to look out for throughout the trading day in both the London and the US session the beauty of it is, no matter where you are in the world, you can make use of the sessions and capitalize on the same moves we take as a team at your own discretion.

Technical Updates

We as traders understand the market is always moving and levels are forever changing so within our Technical Updates section you will receive updates on our levels and valid psychological levels in the markets that you need to be aware of when trading. 

Fundamental Updates

With a fast changing world that we are currently living in, the macro economics surrounding what actually drives the currencies is forever changing too. Our team provide updates as and when they happen with reasoning to the change in momentum seen across the currency market.

Live Market News

Similarly to the fundamentals that are forever changing, we understand market news can often appear out of nowhere, a term used in the markets known as a Black Swan Event can happen without anyone knowing about it. Our team is actively scanning the markets as well as global news to provide rapid updates as and when they occur.

Aman Natt


“I have always been the swing trader and a part of my Strategy is to hold trades for longer term targets which align with my Fundamental Analysis. I started AstroFX with a vision to be the community I wish existed when I started trading.

Shaun Lee


“I am more of an active trader and trade between different sessions and fairly active in the markets making use of more of an intra-day approach. When I started AstroFX with Natt, my vision was and still is creating a global network of traders trading all together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get trading signals within Astronomics?

No, we do not provide signals however our team share their personal view on the markets and currently Macro themes on a daily basis which can be interpreted for educational purposes.

Does Astronomics give me market breakdowns?

Great news is that we now do LIVE sessions during both the London and US Session providing a broad market update and a fundamental approach when trading.

Will I have direct access to the Astro Team and to Natt and Shaun?

The purpose of the Astronomics is to provide the value needed for an individual to go ahead and align with their own knowledge and research and not create a signals environment where everything is solely given to the clients.

Can I chat to other traders within the community?

Yes, we know trading is a very lonely and tough journey when challenged alone, hence the creation of the community, giving you access not only to our team but to a vast community of traders world wide. 

Do i have lifetime access to the Astronomics sessions?

There is a monthly fee of £99 for the Astronomics Sessions which is as little as just £5 per trading day. Due to the quality of information provided, our traders are happy to part ways with a small fee which improves their trading but allows for exclusivity for our Traders. 

What will I gain from joining the Astronomics Sessions?

Within the Astronomics sessions our team provides insights to the markets with both technical and fundamental breakdowns putting you one step ahead when trading the live markets. Trading is hard, but it doesn’t have to be, Join us.

What Our Traders Say

Trader interview with Isaac Adams 🇨🇦

Interview with Isaac who used profits from the markets to purchase himself a brand new Dodge Truck

Trader interview with Parth 🇮🇳

Trader interview with Parth from India who is up over 20% on his account

Trader interview with Natasha 🇬🇧

Interview with Natasha who is all the way from Manchester

“I have known about Astrofx for many years and followed the movement through YouTube and the instagrams of Shaun and Natt. After seeing them do what they do, me and my wife attended an open day at Mayfair office and got speaking to Amish who looked after us so much. He helped us book on the course, secure dates and introduce us to many other team members. “

Amrit & Satinder

Trader, UK

“I took the AstroFX 1-1 course 3 weeks ago and in 3 simple words, it changed my life. I was battling with the markets for 4 years prior to attending, and I had enough. I then decided to make the investment in myself and contacted the Astro Team.”


Trader, UK

“Took the Online course recently and must say I am impressed with the package! Very high end and felt like Christmas when my course arrived. I had been trying to learn for a few years now and having done this course for a few weeks now, my trading has improved soo much! Really impressed Astro Team, keep it up!”

Aaron McKenzie

Trader, UK